What are the benefits of using ultrasound for injection?

When compared to injections done without ultrasound guidance (e.g. blind/surface marked injections), there is a substantial body of research that shows that ultrasound guided injections provide better outcomes, such as improved pain relief, longer lasting benefits, and improved post-injection function of the injected area. There is also mounting evidence that directing the injection minimises the risk of local tissue trauma or needle and/or injection substance misplacement. This increases injection safety and lowers the likelihood of adverse events associated with injection therapy. Because the injection site is more precisely recognised, the risks of having needless injections are reduced. Ultrasound-guided injections are more comfortable for many individuals since the injection depth is often decreased.

Which parts of the body can you inject?

For a variety of musculoskeletal pain disorders, steroid injections can be quite beneficial. See the list below for a more thorough list. Frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee osteoarthritis, trigger finger / thumb osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis of any joint surrounding the foot or hand, localised soft tissue inflammation or tenosynovitis, such as de Quervains, and tendon inflammation at the shoulder are all common injections. We also offer a variety of Ostenil and Hyaluronic Acid injections for patients with degenerative joint pain (such as osteoarthritis) who want to stay active and move around.


  • Same Day Consultation (subject to availability)
  • Ultrasound scan and musculoskeletal assessment
  • Ultrasound Guided Injection
  • All included for total fee: £250 steroid injection, hyaluronic acid (Ostenil Plus): £350,


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